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Modern Home

The advancement in technology has made it possible to recognize your visitors while at the main entrance before you allow them into your home. Video door entry monitors are an essential investment and crucial security element for modern homes. Times have gone past staying in the dark regarding the identities of your guests while they are still at the entrance. Take advantage of the latest technology to gain full control of access to your home.

Video door entry monitors transmit both video and audio, allowing you to identify and communicate with the guest at the entry. A video door entry system is a security enhancement device that allows you to identify and talk to the guests without being physically getting to the door. Until you have verified the identity of the guests and their purpose of coming, you do not need to open your door to anyone.

Improve the safety and security of your family and home by installing a video door entry system. With the improved systems on the market, you can monitor your door entry remotely from wherever you are from your smartphone, whether you are at home or not. Besides, the latest video door entry systems also store and date-stamp pictures of guests as proof, in case of an unauthorized entry.

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