Intruder Alarm


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We supply products from the most trusted brands in the world, and we have well-trained and certified engineers and technicians that have vast experience in the industry. We provide comprehensive security and tech solutions that will give you peace of mind, keeping your home or property safe from burglars and security threats.

Best Quaility Indruder Alarms

We provide and install high-end intruder alarms, which are also known as burglar alarm systems. They are a device installed to protect a facility against intruders by notifying the owner or the monitoring station of trespass or violation of the protected area or perimeter. There are different types of intruder alarms, as they can range from a simple alarm system for basic home or apartment protection to an advanced alarm with enhanced functions

When you need to install an intruder alarm in your home or facility, we can advise you on the right type of intruder alarm to choose for optimal performance based on the type of your building or facility, your needs and possible future expansion.

We will ensure that you get the best value for your investment There are more advanced intruder alarm systems that offer additional functions, such as access control (electric strikes in doors, motorized gates etc.),

Heating and lighting control and more automation functions in the home or building. Sabez Tech Limited, we assure you of the best quality intruder alarm systems.


We provide and install high-end intruder alarms