Our Works

Our Work

At Sabez Tech Limited, we are specialists at providing the following services to our clients’ satisfaction

Door Security

We provide a wide variety of products for enhanced door protection against lock picking, door breaching, home invasions and burglary, such as alarms, locks and reinforcement.


We supply and install closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems for real-time video surveillance of the specified property’s perimeter. The package includes video cameras, recording equipment, video management software and monitors.

TV Installation

We install TVs, home theatre, ariel, satellite and cable services for our clients across all facets of society, including homes, hotels and corporate bodies.


Sabez Tech Limited designs and installs structured cabling systems and security equipment. We have well-trained, certified and experienced staff with a commitment to providing the best solutions for our clients


Although the use of an intercom system has reduced significantly, it is still perfect for two-way communications. Whether you need a wired, wireless or video intercom system, you can count on us. We supply high-grade handheld radios, desktop devices, outdoor wireless callboxes and lots more.